BNSF Barstow Yard Tower Add Video

Watch in High Definition! Here's my favorite video from our Tehachapi and Cajon Trip. After we left Tehachapi, we drove to Barstow. We visited the historic train station and the route 66 museum. Then, we headed over to the BNSF Hump Yard. Barstow Yard is massive. A yard (now called B Yard I believe) was the original yard at Barstow and is located just across from the Train Station (now seved by Amtrak's Southwest Chief). In the 1970s, the ATSF Railway decided to put a major hub in Barstow due to all the traffic that passes through the area. So, they started building a brand new facility west of B Yard. The facility includes an arrival yard, a hump yard, a secondary hump facility, a massive locomotive storage and servicing facility, a departure yard, and an intermodal inspection yard. Each of these yards is at least as large as B Yard. The whole complex is almost 5 miles long and a quarter mile wide in some ares. Overseeing the whole facility are the yardmasters. In order to be able to visually see the entire yard (minus B yard which is around a slight curve), a tower was built right next to the Hump yard lead. This central location allows the yardmasters to see the entire yard from a brid's eye view. This tower is supplemented by smaller yard towers placed around the yard. When we arrived, we talked to a BNSF employee for a few minutes (who turned out to be a yardmaster), who then offered to let us take a look inside the tower. Once in the tower, we were treated to an incredible view of the yard and the operations that allows the yard to send out and receive up to 125 trains a day. Among the things we saw were 3 ex. LAJ CF7s (2563, 2619 and 2571) parked on the deadline locomotive tracks. These anchient old locomotives were heading to be scrapped. Also on the deadline tracks were countless ex. ATSF locomotives. We also saw an 8000 foot manifest come off the Hump bypass track, go right past us, and head into the receiving yard. The R Yard is only 6000 feet long, so the train had to pull in, use the DPU on the rear to bunch up the cars, then pull the remaining cars off the head end and put them on a separate track. BNSF C44-9Ws 4648, 1080 and 5446 are on the head end. BNSF ES44DC 7788 serves as DPU. Enjoy the sound of 3 7FDL-16 engines working! This video includes videos and pictures that I took from inside the tower, on the open walkway that surrounds the tower, and on the ground looking up at the tower. This video shows an incredibly rare opportunity and I didn't want to bother the employees by filming to much, so I'm sorry that I didn't film more. Note: Please keep mind that this was all done by permission. Never trespass on or otherwise enter railroad property without permission. It can be dangerous and you can be arrested or fined.

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